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J&R cattle is a family owned registered Brahman operation located in Jacksonville, Texas. In 2019, owners Justin and Rachel Robinson took their love for Brahman cattle and passion for agriculture to establish their operation.

As the operation continues to grow we look forward to developing sound quality cattle that perform in the pasture yet have that eye appeal for the show ring. Our focus is quality over quantity and our breeding choices match that in the decisions we make. However, our essential focus is on raising docile cattle that are quiet in temperament. As members of the cattle industry we believe that producing cattle that are both functional and easy to work are key traits to improving the Brahman breed.

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J&R Cattle: Nurturing Excellence in Brahman Cattle in East Texas

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Jacksonville, Texas, J&R Ranch stands as a trusted Brahman cattle ranch for cattle enthusiasts seeking premium grey Brahman cattle. Founded by the passionate and dedicated duo, Justin and Rachel Robinson, J&R Cattle aims to provide gentle and top-quality cattle with premium bloodlines to both show calf enthusiasts and those in need of replacement heifers. With a strong commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for their craft, J&R Cattle is rapidly becoming a renowned name within the East Texas, Tyler/Palestine area.

Building a Legacy: The J&R Foundation

As J&R Cattle steadily grows and takes root in the hearts of Brahman breeders, we want to share how J&R got started. Situated on a picturesque 160-acre property, J&R Cattle is more than just a cattle operation; it's a way of life for the Robinsons. Rachel grew up showing cattle in 4-H and FFA and the love for Brahman cattle sparked an interest for she and Justin to start J&R Cattle in 2019.

Living on-site, Rachel and Justin immerse themselves in every aspect of the ranch's daily operations. For potential buyers, the cattle are easily viewed in our pastures and barn, and when you come visit J&R to buy Brahman cattle, you'll enjoy seeing the gentle Brahman cattle, often by riding alongside us in our side by side. A visit to J&R Cattle will quickly show you how our Brahman cattle are well cared for and handled with the utmost care.

The Pursuit of Excellence: Top Brahman Show Heifer Prospects in East Texas

With a goal of selling 5 to 10 heifers annually, J&R Cattle sets their sights on producing top-tier show heifers and premium replacement heifers. Our dedication to utilizing prominent Brahman AI sires as well as high pedigree natural breeding Brahman sires at the ranch ensures that all calves marketed will come from superior genetic stock. As the excitement builds, customers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to own a J&R Cattle show heifer, known for their gentle temperament and exceptional bloodlines.

J&R Cattle, under the stewardship of Rachel and Justin Robinson, represents a new era in the world of grey Brahman cattle breeding. With a deep commitment to excellence, they are steadily building a legacy that revolves around premium bloodlines, gentle cattle, and a strong foothold in the show calf market. As our next set of Brahman cattle for sale quickly approaches, J&R Ranch eagerly awaits the arrival of their next crop of Brahman show heifer prospects, ready to share the passion and dedication that sets them apart in the cattle industry.

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We hope you'll join us on our Facebook page as we take the time to introduce our family, our cattle, and their vision. On our Facebook page, we share our journey as ranchers, our love for Brahman cattle, and the foundation on which J&R Cattle ranch stands. Through our posts, we showcase our beloved cows and highlight the distinguished AI sires we use to strengthen their breeding program. You'll also see lots of posts about family life on the ranch, because family is everything to us!

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