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In our journey through life, there are moments that ignite passions, setting us on thrilling new adventures. For Rachel Robinson, that pivotal moment arrived at the age of 17 when she acquired her first Brahman show heifer. Little did she know that this connection would lay the foundation for J&R Cattle, a cherished family-owned operation that came to life in 2019.

At the core of J&R Cattle is an unwavering love for the Brahman breed. As owners, Justin and Rachel Robinson channel their passion to wholeheartedly pursue the development of docile and high-quality cattle. This pursuit is not just a business venture; it's a way of life, an embodiment of the love they share with their three young children. Instilling that same adoration for cattle in the next generation has proven to be the most gratifying and rewarding endeavor for the Robinsons.

Meet Rachel & Justin

The name "J&R Cattle" stands for Justin and Rachel Robinson, the dedicated and passionate owners of the ranch. They, along with their three children Lane, Camryn, and Landon, own and operate the 160-acre Brahman ranch in East Texas.

And while they are full time ranchers, Rachel also serves as an agricultural science teacher, and Justin is employed by a political entity in Cherokee County. Undoubtedly, Rachel and Justin's full-time jobs keep them busy. However, their unwavering dedication and love for Brahman cattle fuel their determination to excel in the J&R Cattle ranching endeavor. Rachel loves being part of the ag teacher community, where she is able to share her love for the Brahman cattle business and agriculture with a vast network of future young agriculturalists.

Serving East Texas and Beyond

If you are in search of gentle, high-quality Brahman cattle in East Texas, J&R Cattle stands as the premier destination for your needs. Conveniently located in Jacksonville, Texas, we are less than an hour drive from Palestine, Henderson, and Tyler areas.

With a meticulous focus on breeding docile and superior cattle, J&R Cattle offers a carefully curated selection of animals that excel in both show appeal and pasture performance. The Robinsons' dedication to nurturing their herd and their commitment to building strong relationships with their customers make J&R Cattle the go-to place for those seeking top-tier Brahman cattle in the East Texas area.

Our Brahman Cattle Breeding Philosophy

Central to J&R Cattle's breeding strategy is the focus on breeding sound and functional Brahman cattle. They place utmost importance on creating animals that possess both show appeal and the ability to excel in the pasture. Aligned with the progressive wave within the cattle industry, including being a cooperator in the BR Cutrer / Brahman Country Genetics network, the Robinsons have a preference for modern-built Brahmans. However, they prioritize building meaningful relationships with their customers and contributing to the overall quality of the cattle industry more than anything else.

With the genetic legacy from Rachel's initial purchase as a 17-year-old youth Brahman showman, J&R Cattle has come a long way since its inception. Their commitment to raising superior cattle is not just a means of livelihood; it's a profound expression of love and respect for these magnificent Brahman cattle. Every day, they pour their hearts and souls into nurturing their herd, cherishing each animal as an integral part of their extended family.

The Future of J&R Cattle and the Brahman Breed

As they embrace the challenges and triumphs of the cattle industry, Justin and Rachel look forward to a future where J&R Cattle continues to thrive, touching the lives of both cattle enthusiasts and their cherished customers. The bonds they create with the cattle and the connections they form with their community are the driving forces behind their success.

At J&R Cattle, the spirit of adventure and a genuine love for Brahman cattle combine to create a legacy built on integrity, passion, and compassion. We invite you to visit us in Jacksonville, Texas if you're looking for Brahman show cattle or replacement females.


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